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A Willie Good Idea for Spring

A Willie Good Idea for Spring

Spring is in full swing at SugarBelle. It is such a fun time of year to get your house in order. Fresh flowers, clean windows and of course, an updated closet. This is the perfect time to clean out those 'worn once', 'shouldn't have bought', 'no longer fits' or the styles that just don't suit you anymore. Don't let your closet become a cemetery for what could have been or possibly what never should have. 

Start fresh this Spring with a closet full of things that make you feel fabulous. Donate items that can make someone else feel fabulous. It's a win-win, really. 

Clean out of closet, bring in your receipt from a charitable organization and get 15% OFF all new Spring items! 

It's a Willie good idea y'all! Truly!

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