Always Remember

Always Remember

I put my fingers to the keyboard and think...How do you truly thank those that have paid the biggest sacrifice? We live in the greatest country all because of these brave and strong men and women that we remember today. To those that never came home, we are forever grateful. 

I know I speak on behalf of our staff here at SugarBelle when I say that I am incredibly thankful for all that these men and women have given to allow us to still be a free country. All that their families have given. Freedom is far from free. Always, always remember that.  

I know that this day is more than just grilling and playing on the beach for most. I know that this holiday is often unbearable for some. For some people, there is nothing "happy" about Memorial Day. Please take the moment to think of those that never made it home. I encourage you to think about this daily. Remember how lucky we are. 

We proudly carry items made right here in the USA and offer a discount to our military every day. We love this amazing country and all those that support her. Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping us safe and free. 


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