Avoid Saggy Bottom Syndrome

Avoid Saggy Bottom Syndrome

Have you heard? We offer one of the greatest selections of denim around. Level 99 really is a level above any other jean you’ve ever tried. Level 99 is like treating yourself to that luxury sports car but for your legs! Your legs will love you and thank you all at the same time (that’s a feeling better than any car/truck I’ve ever ridden in).

The best thing about Level 99 is that it’s not one size fits all.

Meet Liza! She’s your traditional skinny fit, shown here in a dark wash with lighter color towards the middle. These are true to size and $108.

Level 99 offers 13 different fits – so there is something for everyone. Not to mention that these fits come in various washes and prints too! Whether you’re more of a Liza, Lily, or Janice kind of girl – the options are endless and we can promise you that these ladies will quickly become your best friend. Cosmo, InStyle, and other large publications don’t boast about this brand for their health.

Meet Lily! These beauties are so flattering and come in a solid dark wash – a true classic jean! They’re a straight fit and $104.


You are going to fall in love with these snakeskin microfiber jeans! They look fabulous with any jewel tone tops (we really love hues of emerald and sapphire) and a great pair of booties. They’re super stretchy and $112.

In addition to different cuts and styles of these fancy pants, we happen to love the fact that no matter how long your day is, these ladies will not lose their shape or leave your rear with “saggy butt syndrome”. It’s also been exclaimed from dressing room doors that these jeans can work wonders for your backside.

Don’t believe us? Come try them for yourself! Visit us Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6:00pm. See y’all at SugarBelle!



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