Daughters of Working Moms

Daughters of Working Moms

Often we delve into the challenges and woes of working moms. We discuss at length the trials and frustrations we face just to be able to do our jobs, all of our jobs.

Yet here she is patiently shadowing her mom constantly through not one, but two full time careers. She sits quietly when quietly offers no fun. She listens to repetitive conversations when make believe would be time better spent. She stops singing during important calls even when it is her favorite song.

She never makes me feel guilty as she is fully aware there is plenty of that already. She smiles her tired, rather be playing smiles and spends many of her days understanding what it means to be a working woman.

The guilt is sometimes paralyzing but we do the best we can. We find pockets of fun, moments of magic and enjoy the time we have regardless.

She may not have many memories of Saturday morning cartoons. She knows far too much about real estate and her fashion advice is staggering; however, she is the first to say, “Mommy can I come too?”

We are a team, me and my Gangsta Napper. Kudos to all the mommas and their best little teammates.  



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