Hot Mess Express, Savvy Sally and Lifeline Lucy! Which one are YOU??

Hot Mess Express, Savvy Sally and Lifeline Lucy! Which one are YOU??

One thing is for sure, there are three types of boutique shoppers. After years of personal experience, research and giggles, my sweet staff fully agrees. Which type of shopper are you?

1. Hot Mess Express- We love her. She flies in often late for something. Frequently loses her keys and isn't sure where her debit card is located. Some days she can't remember if she already purchased the outfit in her hand. She's a hot mess and we love her. Hot Mess Express would be fun at parties, for sure. 

2. Savvy Sally- This girl's shopping game is on point. She knows exactly what she wants. She also knows the complete care instructions, the appropriate seperates and can name three people of which have worn it well. We are in awe of her dedication. Honestly, we are just in awe of her. Savvy Sally rules the world. 

3. Lifeline Lucy- This sweet soul simply must have her entire phone list approve of her choices. She will text, call, snap, video every single person she knows before committing to anything. We adore her. She refuses to wear anything that may not meet the approval of her 435 besties. Lifeline Lucy is a good friend. 

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  • Karoline schiller

    Ohhhh…I’m definitely A Hot Mess….thankfully your girls take me just as I am. Love SugarBelle!!!

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