I Have Nothing to Wear!

I Have Nothing to Wear!

Hi all, Katelyn here. We’ve all been there. You open your closet door searching for the perfect outfit, get frustrated, close your closet door, only to get peeved when you open it 10 minutes later and nothing has magically appeared. It just that time of year. The seasons are changing, the weather is crazy, and everything you put on just feels blah.

SugarBelle started a fabulous program last year to help you combat those “nothing to wear blues”. SugarBelle Second Thought allows you to trade in pieces of clothing you purchased and, either wore a few times, or never wore at all. For each item you bring in, you get a discount of up to 30% on a brand new item. It’s that simple and it truly helps you add fabulous transition pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe.

 The best part of SugarBelle Second Thought? SugarBelle then hosts a giant sale with all the items they collected. Most items still have the tags on them and range from $5-$20! All the money raised goes directly back into the SugarBelle Outreach Fund and is donated to local charities throughout the year.

The Second Thought Sale is something that truly makes SugarBelle unique. Last year over $6,000 were donated directly back into the Beaufort community, in large part due to the money raised through the sale.


This ultra lightweight cardigan is a perfect purchase to make with your Second Thought Discount. It will keep you warm on cool days, but has beautiful Spring colors to help you breakout of the blacks and browns of winter.


Look for lightweight tops and sweaters to add some some color and interest to your Spring wardrobe. We have seen stripes everywhere this season and are so excited to pair them with our comfy moto pants. SugarBelle will continue to collect Second Thought Items this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so make sure you visit them to get your discount and refresh your closet!

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