If the Boot Fits

If the Boot Fits

Boots can be a finicky thing, which is almost surprising because they all look pretty similar in the way they're built. It can be hard to choose between the different colors, patterns, stitching, height, toe style, and everything in between. But did you know that there is actually a method to the madness? Boots are actually are designed to fit your foot a specific way so that you don’t have to deal with blisters.

First, let’s talk about our signature Old West boots. The break in time is next to none which makes them ideal for first time boot purchases. They are tan in color, have a snip toe, and neutral stitching up the shaft of the boot. These boots last forever. We even have a customer that has had them re-soled. Heck some wear them in the mud, some wear them to work. Our Old West boots are suitable for almost any occasion. Que the Garth (“Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots”)!

When purchasing boots, you need to make sure that they fit correctly. You are going to want your boots to fit tightly over the arch of your foot but they should never hurt you. When walking in your boots, you want your heel to almost click up. Typically, most of our boots are true to size. When trying on your boots for the first time, make sure you’re wearing a pair of socks that have some thickness to them so that whenever you do decide to go out with your boots on, you can comfortably wear your favorite pair of socks underneath (and it’s okay if your socks don’t match – no judgement here).

Boots with heavier stitching and boots in colored leather can typically be harder to break in. Boots that are colored leather have been dyed multiple times to ensure that they keep their color which can cause them to be more on the stiffer side. The same thing goes for stitching. These will take longer to break in and are considered more of an “event boot” style. These are great for special occasions.

Want to find the perfect boot for you? Stop by and check out our amazing selection of boots and definitely try on our signature Old West boots. You’ll wear these beauties forever!

Our stylists are ready to help you find the boot to fit you - both foot and personality! See y’all at SugarBelle! 

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