I'm Back!

I'm Back!

Being a woman is tough. Being a new mama is even harder but I’m finding my place in life thanks to lots of coffee, baby cuddles, and my vice – great clothing. I’m your new found friend also known as the new SugarBelle Fashion Blogger, aka SparkyBelle.

Fashion Blogger is not a term I’d ever thought I’d use to describe myself. Mama to a precious redheaded baby boy, clothing lover, Diet Coke obsessed, foodie, boot tappin’ fool – now those make more sense. Bud I do have a mild obsession with clothing and I don’t mind it one bit. Some people buy artwork, I buy beautiful dresses embellished with lace, fringe, and sometimes even sequins (even if it’s not during the holiday season). I love them all! Mix and match, there’s no wrong way to do fashion.

At SugarBelle, we all have our styles and we embrace that. Sometimes we will help you step out of your comfort zone and sometimes we will help you find that perfect little black dress.

I was given the name “SparklyBelle” by Cherimie (owner) one afternoon while trying to create a tulle masterpiece. Tulle and big hair are the same beast once you know how to tame them, might I add.

I sometimes tend to be more drawn to the patterns or bright colors but that’s who I am. I like to sprinkle a little sparkle wherever I go. Everyday I try to find the calm and convenient which is often somewhere between the chaos and the baby carrier. Clothing and life can go hand in hand, it all just takes the right outfit.

Follow along with me and SugarBelle as we introduce you to our new series of blog posts.

See y’all at SugarBelle and on www.shopsugarbelle.com!

-Signed SparklyBelle


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