Mommy Matters

Mommy Matters

Life has a wonderful sense of humor some times. Before getting pregnant, I was in the best shape I’ve been in since high school. I was in the gym every morning at 5:00 and making myself run in the afternoons. I say “making” because let’s face it; the only way I’m going to run is if someone is chasing me. My clothes fit perfectly and I had a confidence that I haven’t had in a while. Everything was hunky dory and then I got pregnant. Funny right? Because now, I’m in probably not my best shape and I couldn’t be happier.

I loved being pregnant, I really did. Along with most women that have been pregnant, my body changed as expected. Trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes post-pregnancy has not been all that easy. I mean there are the obvious things but something I never thought about was how on earth was my closet going to transition to being a new mom? For a second there, I thought I had lost myself. Trying to figure out where I fit into this suddenly new world, trying to find my confidence…I was completely stuck between “mom guilt” and how do I get dressed every morning.

Here are a couple of things that made this transition easier for me because if you’ve been in my boots, you know that this is no walk in the park.

  1. My favorite pair of sunglasses – Hello! This is by far the easiest accessory you could ever throw on to make you feel better. Am I wearing make up behind these glasses? Is there little smudges of mascara from where I’ve been wiping my tears away because I spilt milk all over the counter? Maybe…maybe not? But you’ll never know because of the power of great shades!

  2. Booties – I wasn’t on the bootie bandwagon for a while. I didn’t know how I felt about wearing these miniature boots. Felt like I was cheating on my favorite pair of Dingos. But I loved the way wearing booties made me feel. They make me feel effortlessly pulled together…like I have a boost of confidence under my foot when really it was just having a slight heel made me feel instantly dressy. Booties made me walk a little bit taller. I love pairing booties with a comfy pair of jeans, cuffed at the ankle.

  3. Maxi dress – I could sing praises about maxi dresses all day long. Some mornings, my time is cut short and my baby wakes up earlier than his usually scheduled 7:30 wake up. So I rush out of the shower and try to figure out what on earth can I wear for the day since I only got the chance to shave one leg. Throw on a maxi dress and you’ll look like you gave it your all.

  4. Lift Up Your Friends – And I’m not talking about mentally…Yes I’m talking about the gift of a great bra! I’m going to be honest and blunt for a moment – after having a baby, things change. So embrace the change and make the best of it. Coobie bras are a godsend. Buy multiples. They’re so comfortable and perfect for an everyday bra. They’re nursing friendly too, so we can all happy dance about that.

  5. Seamless everything – Our seamless line is buttery soft and that in itself is reason enough to love it. Most importantly, I love that the camis don’t ride up. I love them for layering and they come in so many different colors which makes them perfect for everyday wear. Not to mention, it smooths out everything! No joke. The power of buttery soft seamless is everything I could ask for.

Luckily these items are either a click, phone call, or a visit away. These ladies are no stranger to helping with my little one while I shop. I couldn't be more thankful for the toys they have in store to keep him entertained while I'm in the changing room. SugarBelle makes it so easy for me to shop and I love the local pick up option online. Check it out for yourself at SugarBelle is open Monday - Saturday from 10:00am - 6:00pm and located at 905 Boundary Street. And don't forget about our Valentines Day Customer Giveaway! Click here to access all the details

See y'all at SugarBelle!  

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