So I Did

So I Did

They said I had to go to college. So I did.
They said I had to choose a stable career path. So I did.
They said I needed to have a Master’s degree. So I did.
I spent years devoted to becoming a teacher. I spent years devoted to paying off the debt of becoming a teacher.
While ‘they’were handing out so much life advice ‘they’ should have mentioned that doing something you love on your own terms can also be profitable. ‘They’ could have mentioned that having more than one career is not only possible but highly fulfilling.
‘They’ could have mentioned that building something is often better than renting someone else’s space in life. I loved being a teacher. I hated that limits were set for me and my students.
Hi. I am Cherimie. I am an extremely good Real Estate Broker. I also consult with builders on successful projects. I write things that people read. I help people open businesses. I own a successful boutique.
My days are my own. If I fail, it’s my fault. If I succeed, it is to my credit.
One thing I will never be is ‘stuck’.
You don’t have to be ‘stuck’ either.
“They” are often wrong ❤️

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