Squat Proof

Squat Proof


Not everyone goes to the gym just for the selfies. Some of us go so not to end up in prison while others of us go to improve our health. Regardless of the motivation, the intent is rarely to show the world the contents of our leggings. 

We need to be able to bend, stretch and lunge without giving away all of Victoria's secrets. You know how it is. 

SugarBelle is THRILLED to offer an amazing line of quality workout apparel for the woman who enjoys working on her fitness without showing the world her finest. 

If you haven't tried a pair, you should. Our staff is happy to tell you all about them, as we all have several pairs. We also have sports bras! YES MAM. A home for the girls. 

Email, message, DM, Tweet or scream out your window if needed, we have the solution to your leg days! 



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