SugarBelle Supports: Circa1910

SugarBelle Supports: Circa1910

It's no secret that SugarBelle constantly supports our community - especially the women that makes it go 'round. A few months ago we were rockin' (all night might I add) for a sweet nurse in our community that needed help. I personally took Coobie bras to the Breast Cancer Center at Beaufort Memorial Hospital (and cried crocodile tears the minute I got in my car to leave because my heart was just so overwhelmed). There are more days than you know that we're helping ladies without even saying anything. We support your daughter's dance fundraisers, girl scouts, educators, mommas, and women in between. You ask and we find a way. Any way we can help. We support other women owned businesses and we love to see them prosper. 

In the midst of our little town growing larger day by day, businesses are popping up one by one. Some are big box stores but there's still some little fish in this big sea. There is one in particular that we fancy and she's spending the day with us at SugarBelle today! Details are everything and boy does Circa1910 get it! 

Kayla, the owner of Circa1910, is a breath of fresh air. She has a style all her own. As stated on Circa1910's website, "our mission is to make every woman feel beautiful, from the inside out." Kayla's pieces are "heart- and hand-crafted" from vintage and antique jewelry that get a second chance on life. We love their story and we share the same outlook on lending a loving hand when needed. We are all in this together, right? 

The best thing about Circa1910...other than the amazing business model surrounded by uplifting women, it's fabulous owner, and their stunning jewelry...they have a refurbished mini-bus made just for shopping! Y'all, meet Melvin! A bus filled with dazzling jewels. Could there be anything better?

I mean how fabulous would that crystal necklace be with our knit blush maxi? 

Come visit Kayla and Melvin the Minibus today from 12-4pm. They'll be located in our parking lot. Make sure to stop in the store too! We've got tons of gorgeous items that will go perfectly with your new hand-crafted pieces from Circa1910. 

This weekend, share the love. Compliment a passerby on her dress. Say "hello" to a stranger. Let's make relationships instead of rude remarks. Support another woman. 

See y'all at SugarBelle!


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    SugarBelle Supports: Circa1910

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    SugarBelle Supports: Circa1910

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    SugarBelle Supports: Circa1910

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    SugarBelle Supports: Circa1910

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