SugarBelle Throwback: Spring is In the Air!

SugarBelle Throwback: Spring is In the Air!

Spring is definitely one of our favorite seasons. Our sweet little store starts to transition from the colder, winter months and we prepare for brighter colors! Beaufort comes alive in the spring and it definitely shows both inside SugarBelle and outside. 

Though we are constantly fighting the pollen and noseeums, you're bound to find a SugarBelle nearby sporting one of our most fabulous frocks. 

Take a look back on some of our favorite past spring shoots! We can promise you the next one will be filled with just as many beautiful, amazing women! 

No shoot is ever short of laughs, ever. 

So this beauty is Miss Ashley. One day, while working in the store Miss Ashley brought us flowers. Incredibly sweet right? What was even sweeter is that she told us that we were such special people. Not only because of what we do but because we were handpicked by our owner, Cherimie. Miss Ashley said that Cherimie has this way of knowing and finding genuinely good people and that meant that we were special, good people. I'll never forget when she came in that day. P.s. Can we just take a moment to notice that there is a tool box on the floorboard of the truck in this photo? I wonder if Lucy is in there. Lucy is a well known hammer that resides at 905 Boundary Street, also known as SugarBelle. Yes, our hammer has a name and she's pink.

This incredible lady right here is a new mom! So hard to believe she's grown up so quickly right in front of us! We've known Mrs. Jaimie for what feels like forever! It's crazy that we've had 2 of our girls have babies and 2 of our girls get married all within the last couple of years. Our SugarBelle family is growing by leaps and bounds y'all and it warms us right to the core.

Oh and speaking of Miss Jaimie, meet our other Jamie. This rockstar brought us Chipotle for our Rock-a-thon. Thanks to her, we were literally "guac-in-and-rockin". I don't know if we would have made it through the night without her. She has been a saving grace multiple times. And boy is she beautiful! 

Oh hey! There I am, right in the middle catching flies with my big mouth. This was such an incredibly fun day. The three of us got a first look at the new store on Boundary. Walls and racks were empty. We all oogled over the large dressing rooms in comparison to the rooms at the old store on Ribault. We laughed and laughed all day long.

Did y'all know that SugarBelle offers clothing for women of all sizes?! We have clothing all the way from XS to 3XL. Since we have such a large variety of brands, all of our clothing fits differently too. Some days I've walked out of the store with a bag full of oversize tops in a Medium, some days I walk out with a bag full of clothes ranging from L to 3XL. Don't let the letter (or number) ever detour you from a purchase. 

The bugs, that tall grass, those dresses! But regardless of the bugs, these ladies are troopers. They are SugarBelles through and through. 

A season of change always has the potential of bringing good things. Spring always brings us lots of laughs and new experiences. I hope y'all have enjoyed my little throwback to some of my favorite SugarBelle memories. I can't wait to see what we come up with next.

Come by and see us. Let us provide you a new shopping experience, one where we will cater to you. Can't make it in? You can shop from your home any time! Not sure where to start? We even offer a personal shopping experience. All you have to do is contact us at You set the budget and time and we come to the rescue! You're never too busy for a wardrobe update. Time to do some spring cleaning!


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