❤️❤️SugarBelle wants To Go To School❤️❤️

❤️❤️SugarBelle wants To Go To School❤️❤️

One of the most important responsibilities of being a small business owner, to me, is earning the loyalty and support from your small town. Just owning or opening a small business doesn't come with the blessing of immediate support. It shouldn't. Like all relationships, trust must be built, earned and fostered . SugarBelle has always taken that responsibility extremely seriously.
Yes, small businesses are the backbone of a community, but the community is the heart of small business. 
This year as part of our August Back to School event, we are looking for a special teacher to allow us to sponsor a class for the 2020 year. We want to offer ourselves as book readers, event sponsors, bad day helpers and even Pizza Party suppliers. We want to be there for her/him and her/his students. Myself and my staff want to offer our time and ability to help make this year special for both teacher and students.
We are offering the following:
1. One day a month of myself or SugarBelle staff member reading aloud, assisting with classroom projects or speaking about business or other topic suggested by teacher.
2. $100 Visa Gift Card to assist teacher with additional supplies.
3. 2 Sponsored Pizza Parties, where SugarBelle provides all food and drink at date chosen by teacher. 
4. $200 Student need stipend- SugarBelle will provide up to $200 for student necessities such as clothing, shoes, glasses, personal items, school supplies as recommended by teacher. 
5. Lastly, but not at all the least...the teacher will receive special gifts throughout the year to let him/her know that SugarBelle appreciates all that is done that is often not seen. 
Help us choose this years Teacher/Class by commenting or sharing this blog!! Winner announced August 9th!! 


  • sqobbaffgw

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Yuri Gow

    Jenna Gow, Kindergarten teacher at Riverview Charter School. Ms. Jenna is hardest working, most passionate and caring teacher that I have ever known. It is inspiring to see someone take so much care in the development of her students from before the first days of school until we’ll after it lets out every year. She is just such an amazing person beyond being such a great teacher! Thank you for supporting our teachers!

  • Amanda

    I would like to nominate Emilee Brown a second grade teacher at Bridges Prep. Emilee is a dedicated teacher to her students. She works diligently to ensure her classroom environment is warm and inviting for students. She always wants everyone to feel welcomed and loved when they enter her classroom. Emilee is also dedicated to her colleagues. For the last two years, Emilee has been an amazing mentor. She challenges me to be and better educator. I cannot think do someone who deserves this prize and recognition more than my colleague, Emilee brown.

  • Pam Tritschler

    Kate Baskwell is a CATE teacher at Battery Creek. She went from working as a PTA at the hospital to teaching the kids about Sports Medicine. She teaches 4 different classes each semester so that keeps her on her toes. Kate makes her classes fun by have many projects naming muscles, bones, nerves etc by creating posters, bodies etc. She provides most if not all of the craft stuff for these projects. This Summer due to lack of school funds she went and purchased paint, sand paper and polyurethane to redo her classroom tables. She has spent many weeks going in every morning to strip, sand, paint and poly her classroom tables so her students will have a clean neat, bright environment to work. While doing so she started a stretching and yoga hour for the football team and helped them with heat and other injuries. She also is the mom of two young very energetic boys and loves to shop at SugarBelle when she has the time and extra $. Like most teachers Kate loves her students and wishes she could do more for all of them, then add in all of the athletes she supports through practices, games and classwork, not to mention the always available granola bar, or PB&J sandwich for the child that didn’t get breakfast or lunch, Kate goes all in for the kids at Battery Creek!

  • Karen Glisson

    I’d like to nominate Heather Dory. She teaches Marine Science at Beaufort High. Heather was Teacher of the Year a few years back, but you would never know it from speaking with Heather, she is not one to tout her accomplishments. She does however tout her student’s accomplishments and instills self confidence in every child who enters her class room. I hear her students sing her praises many years after they have departed high school. She is one of those teachers that you know made a difference in your life when you are reminiscing your youth. Thanks goodness we have Heather Dory’s in this world who recognize their calling and continue to wake up, show up and make a difference in our children’s future.
    She also just discovered she has a passion AND a talent for wildlife photography. I swear National Geographic is going to be knocking on her door one day 😊

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