SugarBelles Guide to keeping Summer Sweet, Without the Sweat!

SugarBelles Guide to keeping Summer Sweet, Without the Sweat!

As the heat rises fashion becomes just as much about practicality as it does style. In the South, we have our very own set of challenges that can often determine our attire. 

1. Dresses that flatter without adding to the furnace! 


Our faves include the oh so versatile maxi. It flows nicely without clinging. SugarBelle has such a great selection that includes prints, solids, strapless and more formal styles. The maxi is a summer must for sure! 

The cinched waist vintage style is always a good idea! Lightweight material that helps keep cool with a classic style that easily transitions from day to night. This has always been a SugarBelle staple. This piece always can transcend seasons with the right shoes and cardi!

Nylon. Nylon. Nylon. We have the most amazing dresses that are summer warriors. Our nylon collection wicks away moisture, requires NO ironing and travels like a boss. 

2. Tops that are tasteful yet keep us from being toasty! 


The right top is a SugarBelle's summer bestie. Having a few go to summer tops will help you keep your wardrobe working for you no matter the temp. Open shoulders, classic colors and fun seasonal prints are must haves. SugarBelle loves helping you mix and match to make your closet work just as hard as you do. 

3. Shorts and Skirts that let our gams breathe without giving Mom a heart attack! 


A summer without shorts is like biscuits without gravy. It simply doesn't make sense! We have adorable sets, shorts, skirts and maxi skirts to add to your summer toolkit. Seersucker is one of our faves. It's as southern as sweet tea and versatile as can be. Of course, our sets are taking summer by storm and our must have maxi skirts can be dressed up or worn along the beach. Don't overlook this important summer piece out of fear! We have lengths that won't make mom blush! 

4. Under garments....oooooh for the love of humidity! 

It goes without saying. Summer sweat is a formidable adversary. We have our beloved seamless collection, Coobie bras and our quick grab nipple covers that assist in a pinch. Our staff can help you find the right piece to stay at peace with summer heat. We promise. 

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