The Book's Cover

The Book's Cover

We have been conditioned that judging a book by it's cover is not always the best practice; yet, we still just can't help it.  The cover often tells us, or at least hints to the contents of the book. Does it not?

Fashion is also a cover. It can been seen as bright, artistic, classic and many other descriptors that give insight to content.  It isn't about judging but about expressing. 

Women are quite honest about how their days are effected by the right outfit (que Cinderella inference). Feeling confident and comfortable are important aspects of performance. 

Don't have guilt about wanting your cover to shine, give hints or allow others a sneak peek into your personality. 

SugarBelle feels strongly that assisting women with the right cover can and does impact their day. 

Don't equate expense with expression. We can help. It matters to us. Our stylists are trained to see your best attributes, work within a budget and build upon your current wardrobe. 

We can't wait to help you. It matters and we get it. 

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