The Social Side

The Social Side

Ahh February! So much to love and so much to do, from date night to Valentines Ball, to early Spring Soirees! It can be a bit overwhelming in regards to wardrobe.

Do you 'rent' your look and take a risk:

  •  It not arriving on time
  •  Somehow it looks NOTHING like what you purchased 
  •  It's been worn 100 times. 

Sure, if that's what you need to do, then of course. 

Do you spend a ton of money and wear it once? If you can, then go for it! 

Or you can visit a small business and touch, feel and find the right fit!  SugarBelle offers many options for the social side of Spring. We have cocktail dresses, party dresses and our Columbia location will soon carry a line of formals. 

We would love to help you make sure you are the belle of the ball without breaking the bank. For us, it's an added bonus when we find something that you will wear for many years to come. It's sort of our thing. 

Make sure to keep up with our ever-changing inventory by checking our Instagram and Facebook! 




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