Valentines to Remember

Valentines to Remember

Want to make it a Valentines Day to remember? It's easier than you think. Want to feel more love, more encouragement and more powerful than expected? Simple as pie. 

1. Send the child of a single mom/dad flowers. 

2. Send flowers to a nursing home resident that has no family. 

3. Write a note to a local barista telling them they make your morning better. 

4. Take the janitor a box of chocolates with a thank you note. 

5. Call your mom, dad or person who stepped up as Mom or Dad. 

Smile. Give sincere compliments. 

I promise, it will be a day you will never forget. Be love and watch love spread. 


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  • Ann King

    I absolutely loved the ideas you mentioned. My husband and I did purchase Hallmark Signature cards for his Mom, his brother’s assistant and my sister-in-law. We hand delivered them along with candy! We also, took his Mom out for dessert. It was such a fun day of being of service and bringing smiles to these lovely ladies faces.

    It truly is a day that we will never forget.

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