What I'm Loving this Weekend: Accessories!

What I'm Loving this Weekend: Accessories!


We have so many new items in store right now! Shoes, hats, handbags - oh my! We have everything you need to take your look from Lowes to a Ladies Night Out!

(When I say Lowes, I'm not kidding...I wear my maxi dresses while shopping for plants. It makes me happy, what can I say?!)

Accessories make the outfit, regardless of the weather. The same handbag you're using today in the 62 degree weather is the same handbag you'll be loving at 85! The pollen won't bother your earrings, I promise you. 

Oh and did you notice, we have a whole new selection of shoes! Here are a few of my new favorite things:

Can I get a tassel? Can I get an "amen"!? This girl here loves fringe so incredibly much! I want it on everything and this handbag is no exception.  I love this color for spring and think it will pair perfectly with just about anything you'd have in your closet thanks to the neutral color. Available here in beige and blue. 

Instant cool factor: Wear leopard print. It works. It's effortlessly chic. I want to wear this hat with big sunglasses and skip the makeup. Nobody would notice or probably even care that I have a pound of dry shampoo on. I'd look put together regardless of my lack of makeup and choice of hair product. Available here

Say it with me: "LOCAL CLUSTER"The natural oyster shell. The tiny adorable beads. I want them all. I always come back to my adoration of these gorgeous necklaces. They make a statement that say "Hey, I'm a local gal. I like long walks on the sandbar with my dog Beau and my koozie in my hand. I know the state's motto in both Latin and English and can tell you the local history of our sweet town." Okay, so maybe that's a bit excessive, but you catch my drift. These pretties are available here with a gold tassel and here with a black tassel. 

Um, speaking of the sandbar...we all know a good hat deserves a home on your pretty little head, especially out on the river or at the beach! Need I say anymore? Nope! Purchase yours here in either navy blue, tan, or baby blue. 

These high tops were made for running all over God's green earth this weekend! I love the texture these cuties have and they pair wonderfully with our new favorite moto skinny pants. What's a moto skinny pant? Click here to read more. They're ahhh-mazing! But back to these cool kicks...comfy on the feet will have you dancing in the street. Give them a try by clicking here. And y'all, they are only $24!!!! That's a steal. 

I guess that's enough of me raving about our new items. I stopped into the store yesterday and was floored with all the new items. 

Oh wait, speaking of yesterday. I do have to share one more thing that you need to pick up while shopping with us this weekend. Our bath bombs and candles are second to none. I've actually gotten to the point that when I shop at SugarBelle, I usually snag one or the other just to have. They make great little pick-me-up gifts for yourself or a friend. 

Seriously, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these or heck, even both! 

Stop by and see us Monday - Saturday from 10am-6pm. If you stop in today and aren't wearing green, we promise we won't pinch you! But we do have a few St. Patrick's Day items left to help you get through the rest of the day if you're needing help. 

See y'all at SugarBelle! 


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