What it Means To Hire/Say Goodbye to Staff in A Small Business

What it Means To Hire/Say Goodbye to Staff in A Small Business

In a world that is quickly turning away from human contact, interaction and the sweet serendipity that is co-existing, small businesses continue to behave as family. 

We depend on each other, we support each other and we hold each other accountable. It takes each of us to make the dream work even when the dream feels more like a nightmare. 

My small staff has faced and overcome obstacles this year that would send most running. Two hurricanes, incredible road construction woes, a flu season that took no prisoners and the opening of our second store. Honestly, even I am not sure how we did it. Even I have questioned how we would continue. 

One of our sweet Beaufort girls will leave us this week to continue a job in her chosen field. Kade has been a shining star for us and we will miss her dearly. We knew we only had her for a short while, but she will always be a part of our family. 

With this news, we were all a bit concerned. It is so very hard to find determined, happy and dependable help in the world of small business in a very small town.  We take each hire very seriously. We are inviting them into our family, into our world and it is a very daunting task. 

Whether it is the popular thing to say or not, I swear, God answered my plea. My staff is worn out, tired and worried about how to meet the demands. I did what momma said, I got down on my knees. 

He heard me. 

Although we are going to miss sweet Kade, we are excited for her and her family. We will continue to support her and look forward to watching her excel. Kelly continues to handle challenge after challenge, Taylor and Caroline will be back to help us soon and Hannah is our angel. 

Today we hired another Beaufort SugarBelle. A young woman that may have otherwise not been hired, why? She has the most beautiful pregnant belly. As a woman, I know that no matter what people say, often that is seen as a handicap in the working world. I know that from experience. I see it differently. 

SugarBelle has always supported women. I believe that women in all stages of life are capable of whatever it is they wish to accomplish. Being young isn't a handicap, being retired isn't a handicap, being pregnant isn't a handicap, being single isn't a handicap, being a student isn't a handicap, having children or not having children; neither is a handicap. Being a woman means we are capable of remarkable things. 

I am proud to be able to offer employment to those who truly want it. In the sea of difficulty of owning a small business, giving chances may be my most favorite perk. 

See y'all at SugarBelle! Oh and next time you visit a small business give them a pat on the back, it isn't easy y'all. 



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