Why We Annoy You

Why We Annoy You

It's a beautiful time of year. The birds are singing, the grass is finding its perfect shade of green and people are slowly creeping from the underbelly of their winter cave. 

It's Spring in the South. 

Our stores are bursting with color. We've taken great care to put our best foot forward so that upon entering our store, you feel renewed and energized with the sights, sounds and colors of Mother Natures most pleasant season. 

For those that do dare to actually venture into brick and mortar stores, we may be a lot to handle. We don't mean to be, truly. We have anticipated your visit to the point that we are boiling over with enthusiasm. It may be obvious. 

Yes, we love our online shoppers. All business owners can tell you that each order than comes through is like finding the Easter egg with the best candy. We can't wait to open them! But there is nothing like seeing your face after we have spent days prepping our store. We can't wait to hear your feedback on the latest styles. We love to hear you opinions. We really do. 

So if we pounce a bit over zealously, we are sorry. We are trying to find the happy medium between happy and 'a bit too much'. Every time our door swings open, it's exciting for us. It's our opportunity to show you how hard we have worked. It's our chance to give you an experience that will draw you back. It's a big deal. 

We haven't been slamming shots of expresso, we promise. We are just so happy to see you. There is nothing like a visit from a happy customer. If we come across as a bit too enthusiastic, please now it isn't intentional. We are just so very happy you came. 

Without your visits, our colorful, happy store can be awfully quiet. 

Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for shopping SugarBelle. Thank you for letting us be excited about our jobs. 

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