About SugarBelle

About SugarBelle
Ever thought about taking a break from your career. An extremely successful career that you have poured your heart and soul into for years? Well, that is exactly what our owner did. At the top of her real estate career, our owner chose to take an entire year off. Well not exactly off unless off means opening a new business. 

Worn and ragged from years of the real estate roller coaster, Cherimie wanted something different. Something to bring laughter, love and a little humor to the world of women.

Unimpressed with the atmosphere of normal boutiques and tired of the impersonal online point, click and not fit mentality, Cherimie went into left field full speed. Having no knowledge of women's fashion, she set out on a journey to create a place where women could simply be women. A place that felt more like a friends house than a stuffy retail space. A place where laughter rang loud and everyone felt comfortable. 

Fast forward 7 years and SugarBelle has changed the way women view shopping in our sweet island town. Being the first to foster a supportive, fierce and infamously non-judgmental environment, SugarBelle is a force of change that can't be denied. 

Women gather to encourage, support, share and shop. It's truly remarkable the wave of ripples SugarBelle has sent through one small town. From creating programs to assist other small business owners to hosting events to change lives. SugarBelle has been the first to jump in. Often referred to as the 'SugarBelle Effect' an entire outlook of women in business has changed, evolved and often reflects SugarBelle standards. 

Yes, we specialize in fashion. Yes we are a clothing boutique. NO, we are not like the others. We have spent years mastering a service model that continues to wow our customers. We have changed the way boutiques operate and we love it. We are unexpected, unpredictable and unable to adhere to the norm. 

Customers enjoy an incredible array of styles mixed with one on one attention. SugarBelle stylists are rigorously trained and educated to ensure a unique shopping experience.

In a sea of boutiques, SugarBelle makes the waves. In a crowd of followers, SugarBelle takes the lead.

Our clothing will get your attention, our service will gain your loyalty and our unique way of connecting will earn your trust.

You have a plethora of choices when it comes to shopping local. You have a mountain of choices when it comes to shopping online.

But when it comes to making a difference, you will see SugarBelle is the one and only.

Want to experience SugarBelle? Come by for a visit. You will understand why so many say...

See y'all at SugarBelle.
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xoxo, Cherimie